I want to make a romantic film because I feel too much to keep it in my heart. I want to make a horror film because I think too much to keep it in my head.

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I had big plans for the experimental project for our directing class, but time flew by and I didn’t have the time to make exactly what I wanted to.  Instead, I decided to make something much more simple and I feel like it came out even better than the original idea!

I even planned to incorporate more shots (of the creature behind the sheet) but this one is more powerful on its own so it was a, “less is more” kind of thing.

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My second go at the scene from location shooting for the edit was a lot different from the first.  This one, for me, was more about having fun than anything else.  My friend RayMike came over and we tossed some ideas around until one stuck.  We threw together some quick costumes and even quicker New York accents…

and… badaboom!